The unit of Genetics and Foetal Medicine at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore is the only centre in South India that offers comprehensive clinical services in this discipline under one roof. It offers genetic counseling, genetic testing and diagnostic services to individuals and families affected with genetic disorders. As a sub-unit of DNA, genes help in passing hereditary traits from parents to their child. Genetic Medicine is a specialty that involves the diagnosis and management of hereditary disorders, most often caused by the spontaneous mutation of DNA. The unit comprises of a talented team of doctors and scientists, who work closely together to provide the latest information and procedures to avoid a wide range of genetic problems in an unborn foetus. It aims to cater to problems such as birth defects, retardation, muscular dystrophy, autism, downs syndrome, developmental delay etc. The unit of Genetics and Foetal Medicine works closely with the various other super specialty departments at Manipal Hospitals, thus providing the patient with a multi-disciplinary approach, which in turn provides a holistic solution to their problems.