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Dr. Prashanth Inna

Consultant , Pediatrics, Pediatrics - ICU, Orthopaedics, Whitefield - Bengaluru
  • MBBS,
  • DNB,
  • MNAMS,
Fellowships & Memberships
  • In pediatric orthopedics, from The Royal Hospital for sick kids, Glasgow, UK
  • In pediatric orthopedics, from Korea University Medical center, Seoul, Korea

  • Presented a paper titled “Giant cell tumors: ploidy, p53 and ER/PR receptors: Are these the prognostic markers?” in the Delhi Orthopedic association annual conference (DOACON-2009) held in A.I.I.M.S, New Delhi, India on January 2010 and was awarded with the “Best paper presentation under 40 years of age” . 3 (Three) gold medals in MBBS.
  • Surgical dislocation of the hip and partial femoral head resection
  • Limb lengthening,using advanced techniques like Taylor spatial frame, limb reconstruction system in complex situations like tibial , fibular hemimelia/ absent limb segments.
  • Brachial plexus palsy surgeries- including multiple simultaneous tendon transfers around shoulder/wrist, bone osteotomies and joint releases
  • Hip dislocation reduction even at older age group- including complex pelvic osteotomies, femoral osteotomies
  • Multiple tendon transfers for various dynamic deformities of foot & ankle, knees and upper limbs, in conditions like polio, hereditary neuropathy and cerebral palsy.
  • Club foot deformity correction using JESS fixators, Ilizarov fixator and minimal interventions like diligent tendon transfers and tendon releases.
  • Foot deformity correction like post neuropathy/myopathy/spinal disorders with both bony and soft tissue components.
  • Complex /complicated osteomyelitis surgeries including antibiotic-impregnated bone grafting
  • Osteogenesis imperfecta surgeries including growth rods.
  • Post perthes/skeletal dysplasia bone deformity correction
  • Post osteomyelitis defect and deformity reconstruction
  • Patellar realignment surgeries- post trauma, in sports persons and congenital defects.
  • Area of Expertise

  • Congenital problems- like DDH, Clubfeet
  • Neurological problems like cerebral palsy, Myelomeningocoele, and the residual deformities
  • Limb lengthening and deformity correction,
  • Pediatric musculoskeletal infections
  • Developmental disorders like Perthes and SCFE
  • Complicated fractures and dislocations
  • Revision surgeries
  • Languages Spoken

  • Tulu
  • Kannada
  • Hindi
  • English
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