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Dr. Prashanth Inna

Consultant , Pediatrics, Pediatrics - ICU, Orthopaedics, Whitefield - Bengaluru
    M.S (AIIMS, Delhi), DNB, MNAMS
Fellowships & Memberships
In pediatric orthopedics, from The Royal Hospital for sick kids, Glasgow, UK In pediatric orthopedics, from Korea University Medical center, Seoul, Korea


3 Gold medals in MBBS

Area of Expertise

Multiple tendon transfers for various dynamic deformities of foot & ankle, knees, and upper limbs, in conditions like polio, hereditary neuropathy, and cerebral palsy. Limb lengthening, using advanced techniques like Taylor spatial frame, limb reconstruction system in complex situations like tibial, fibular hemimelia/ absent limb segments. Hip dislocation reduction even at older age group- including complex pelvic osteotomies, femoral osteotomies Brachial plexus palsy surgeries- including multiple simultaneous tendon transfers around shoulder/wrist, bone osteotomies, and joint releases Club foot deformity correction using JESS fixators, Ilizarov fixator and minimal interventions like diligent tendon transfers and tendon releases. Foot deformity correction like post neuropathy/myopathy/spinal disorders with both bony and soft tissue components. Complex /complicated osteomyelitis surgeries including antibiotic-impregnated bone grafting Post osteomyelitis defect and deformity reconstruction Post Perthes/skeletal dysplasia bone deformity correction Patellar realignment surgeries- post trauma, in sportspersons and congenital defects. Osteogenesis imperfecta surgeries including growth rods. Surgical dislocation of the hip and partial femoral head resection

Languages Spoken

Tulu Kannada Hindi English

Talks & Publications

Rathi A, Swamy MK, Prasantha I, Consul A, Bansal A, Bahl V. Percutaneous tension band wiring for patellar fractures. J Orthop Surg (Hong Kong) 2012;20(2):166-9. Lee DH, Jeong WK, Inna P, Noh W, Lee DK, Lee SH. Bilateral Sacroiliac Joint Dislocation (anterior and posterior) With Triradiate Cartilage Injury: A Case report. J Orthop Trauma. 2011 May 12. Sugandhan S, Gupta S, Khandpur S, Khanna N, Mehta M, Inna P. 'Munchausen syndrome by proxy' presenting as battered child syndrome: a report of two cases. Int J Dermatol. 2010 Jun;49(6):679-83. Endoprosthetic replacement for giant cell tumour of the proximal femur. Khan SA, Kumar A, Inna P, Bakhshi S, Rastogi S.J Orthop Surg (Hong Kong). 2009 Dec;17(3):280-3. Giant cell tumor of bone: Is Curettage the Answer?: Rastogi S, Prashanth I ,Khan SA, Trikha V, Mittal R: Indian journal of orthopedics: 2007 April-June Vol 41(2):109-114 Talks: Presented a paper titled “Tardy dislocation of radial head: Case report and evaluation of the ulnar bow sign” in the POSICON-2010 (Pediatric orthopedic society of India Annual conference) held at Gandhi Medical college, Hyderabad in January 2010. Presented a paper titled “Giant cell tumors: ploidy, p53 and ER/PR receptors: Are these the prognostic markers?” in the Delhi Orthopedic association annual conference (DOACON-2009) held in A.I.I.M.S, New Delhi, India in January 2010 and was awarded with the “Best paper presentation under 40 years of age” . Presented a paper titled “In Vivo Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the characterization of bone tumors” in Indian orthopedic association annual conference (IOACON-2008) held at Bangalore, India in December 2008 in the “Dr. S.S.Yadav Gold medal oration” session. Presented a case report titled “Percutaneous fixation of patellar fractures: a technique for the future” in Delhi Orthopedic association annual conference in October 2008 at New Delhi, India Presented a paper titled “Giant cell tumors: ploidy, p53 and ER/PR receptors: Are these the prognostic markers?” in Indian orthopedic association annual conference (IOACON-2006) held at New Delhi, India in Nov 2006 in the Dr. P. Tejeshwar Rao Postgraduate competition. Presented a case series on giant cell tumors in International CME on bone tumors jointly organized by AIIMS, Delhi, Harvard Medical school & Mount Sinai hospital, USA, held at New Delhi, India in Feb 2007. Prime speaker and co-organizer of a symposium on “HIV-AIDS: Indian Perspective” in Bangalore Medical college, Bangalore, India in 2002 under WHO, National AIDS control organization (NACO) and Karnataka state AIDS prevention society (KSAPS).


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